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Conor Graham Cheltenham Running Club

Head Coach: Conor Graham

Having moved to Cheltenham from New Zealand in 2012, Conor founded Cheltenham Running Club as a means of helping more people to improve health and fitness than ever possible in his personal training business. 

His background in strength and conditioning paved the way for a new culture where training comes first and racing shows results. 

Conor is a Run England Coach in Running Fitness as well as a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach & Level 3 Personal Trainer. He has been a self employed Fitness Professional since July 2001.

Phone 07580 481454

Physiotherapist in Cheltenham

Head Physiotherapist: Katie Foster

Kate Foster specialises in rehabilitating and preventing running injuries through a combination of manual therapy, massage and acupuncture. 

Weekly meetings with the club's head coach mean programmes are optimised and members are well cared for.

Katie has presented a vast range of educational workshops to save members money on Physiotherapy.  

Phone 07580 481454

Nutritionist for Runners in Cheltenham

Head Nutritionist: Georgina Graham

Georgina helps our members fuel themselves better for running and day to day life. Members benefit from higher energy levels, weight loss and putting a stop to intestinal discomfort. 

She achieves this through a process of identifying which foods are causing negative symptoms and replacing them with other which provide equivalent or better nutritional value and taste. 

George runs group nutrition programmes on Monday nights and Friday afternoons which help members improve energy levels, manage their weight and much more. 

Support is always available with meal ideas, recipes, and consultations provided in person and via phone or email. 

Phone 07765 869670

Physiotherapist in Cheltenham

 Physiotherapist: Pippa Sawtell

Philippa Sawtell specialises in Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates. Like Katie Foster, Philippa has advanced training in manual therapy and is an acupuncture practitioner. She has an understanding of running biomechanics and muscle activation.

Her aim is to help people move as well as they can to achieve their optimal goal, whether it is walking or running. Her combination of training allows Philippa to work alongside Katie Foster and help her patients from diagnosis, to treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Philippa is teamed with Katie Foster at One Grove in Cheltenham. If you would like to ask Philippa a question, then please contact her here:

Tel: 07968 173398

Strength Coach in Cheltenham

Conditioning Coach: Sean Roberts 

Sean is a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer and runs our Strength for Runners class on Wednesday nights. 

His experience with Fitness First's ground breaking Freestyle Fitness classes means every class is energy packed and techniques are kept in check. 

He brings music and a great range of energising exercises to these classes, all of which are suited to improving our member's strength, stability and short distance speed.

Contact us if you'd like to try a Strength for Runners class...

Charlotte Coates Yoga Instructor Cheltenham

Yoga Instructor: Charlotte Coates 

Charlotte is a Qualified Yoga instructor and runs our Yoga for Runners class on Monday nights. 

She uses vinyasa yoga to improve flexibility, strength and stability at the start of each week. In vinyasa yoga classes, members coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. 

Charlotte has a very calming personality which is infectious and members comment on how her classes reset them after their long Sunday runs. 

Contact us if you'd like to try a Yoga for Runners class... 

Why Cheltenham Running Club?

Cheltenham Running Club

That Family Feeling

Club members tell us they feel like they're part of a family soon after joining. This is thanks to the culture of support which has been ingrained from the club's inception. 

Learning to run...not just learning from mistakes...

Our 5-Day Challenge, online courses, blog and Facebook Groups ensure that members can learn how to run and recover from their runs. This means less injuries, more enjoyment and faster times. 

Beginner Runner Courses

Beginner Runners Course

Failed to finish the NHS Couch to 5k App? Learn from others who were in your shoes just 4 months ago...

Our Beginner Runners Course is literally saving people's lives, or so they say...

Park Run in Cheltenham

Every 13 weeks we target the Park Run in Cheltenham's Pittville Park. We do this at the end of our 10 week programme so runners can push for a new personal best and Couch to 5k Runners can participate in their first organised running event. 

Park Run in Cheltenham
Progressive Running Programme

Progressive Running Programme

Our runners progress through a 10 week programme which get gradually harder as our runners improve in ability. 

The goal for each runner is to progress one pace group each time the start a new programme. 

Yoga is a fantastic way to prevent the muscle tightening which leads to 90% of running injuries.

These classes are suitable for beginners to intermediate yogis and all level of running ability. 

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Learning to Run but not in Cheltenham?

Most people cannot attend our trainings, but we can still provide the guidance and support to help you learn to love running and achieve more than you'd ever expect...

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