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How to Return to Running after a Recurring Injury

Do you find your running alternates between fantastic progress and frustrating injuries? We often find runners who’ve been strong sports-people in the past but fall into this gruelling cycle. They get really fast gains in fitness over the first few months of training but then find themselves with a niggle which slowly progresses to the extent […]

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Cheltenham Running Club

Member Interview: Richard Spencer

Richard joined Cheltenham Running Club as a Couch to 5k member but soon found his way into 10k training and finishing Cheltenham’s Half Marathon later that year. Watch this interview to learn more about his background, how he made such impressive progress and what he’s achieved since that first year.  Where Fitness Was Before Cheltenham Running […]

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Beginner Running Interview in Week 7 of Couch to 5k Programme

Louise Bruce joined Cheltenham Running Club in April 2018 and enjoyed the experience so much she’s agreed to do this video interview with Head Coach, Conor Graham. Louise explains how she’d always looked at runners in the street and wondered how they were able to continue running so long without taking regular rests.  She goes on […]

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Cheltenham Running Club Member Interview

The Benefits of having a Coach and Club for Guidance

We interviewed club member, Jill about why she joined Cheltenham Running Club. She explained what she learned and how having a coach has helped improve her running ability. Plus the benefits of having a friendly group of members in the club and a running coach there to cheer her on. <span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: […]

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