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How to Reduce Tension in your Running Muscles

Workshop: How to Reduce Tension in your Running Muscles

We all suffer from muscle tension after a period of intense training and when it’s not addressed muscle tension leads to joint pain. In this workshop we explain and demonstrate how you can stop muscles from causing 90% of your running pains....

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7 Elements of a Safe and Effective (1)

Cheltenham Running Workshop: 7 Elements of a Safe and Effective Running Programme

With literally hundreds of running programmes available online it’s easy to settle for the one which pops up first in your google search search  results. Most online programmes will provide a steady increase in distance but fail to take your unique situation into consideration.  In this workshop I discuss the importance of treating injury prevention as […]

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4 How to Train for Non-stop Improvements in your Running

How to Train for Non-Stop Improvements in your Running

No athlete should put 100% into every training and expect progress. Those following a progressive programme should have hard, medium and easy weeks to ensure their body can prepare for and recover from the hardest training weeks. Are you Thinking in Training Weeks? Most runners I encounter decide how fast and far to run based on how they […]

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The Cheltenham Running Club Progressive Programme

Do you need to add some Structure to your Running? Our programme is aimed at progressing members from one pace group to the next every 13 weeks through a series of planned club runs. This progressive programme treats regular attendees as if they were members of a dedicated sports team, effectively guaranteeing them success in […]

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