Cheltenham Challenge 2016

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The Cheltenham Challenge is a fantastic event to run…but it is a challenge!

Rough terrain and hills make it tough if you’re used to running on tarmac. You could train for this event yourself but why not meet some friends in the process?

We can help you prepare for the Cheltenham Challenge with our motivated members, knowledgeable coaches and targeted training programme.

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Cheltenham Challenge 2016

Cheltenham Challenge 2016

Cheltenham Challenge 2016

Train for the Cheltenham Challenge with us in 2016

We’re targeting the Cheltenham Challenge as part of our club’s Progressive Running Programme. Many of our Couch to 5k runners will comfortably finish the 5k and some will do some extra training to complete the 10k. We’ll have a fair few of our more experienced runners doing the Half, Full and Ultra Marathon events.
You can have a successful and enjoyable Cheltenham Challenge with the help of Cheltenham Running Club:
  • 2 club runs per week catering for Beginners through to 7min milers
  • 1 strength training per week to help you prevent injuries and improve speed
  • educational workshops teaching you how to look after your body and stay motivated
  • individualised running programmes to follow when you train alone
Our members are extremely welcoming as many of them have only joined in January this year! Many of the longer term members have learned how quickly they can progress by following our programmes and have recently performed personal best 10k and half marathon running events.

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We’ll contact you with the latest club training details and introduce you to those of similar ability at your first club run.

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Our members benefit from coached trainings, education on injury prevention and technique as well as offering programmes to use when you need to train alone.

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