Couch to 5k Squad old

Do you struggle to run for more than one minute?

Maybe you’ve tried the NHS Couch to 5k and not managed to finish…

Learning to run alone and without proper guidance on how to pace yourself is a recipe for failure and demoralisation which is why we’ve created a Couch to 5k Training Squad!

You’ll meet other squad members as well as experienced runners, returning to fitness and there to support your progress. 

But there’s more:Couch to 5k Group Cheltenham

  • prescribed speeds to stop your lungs from burning
  • a hugely supportive and “secret” Facebook group where you’ll be able to chat between runs
  • a gentler version of the NHS Couch to 5k  which we’ve designed to progress you over 10 weeks
  • an injury prevention programme with videos demonstrating the exercises you should do
  • unlimited access to up to 5 Cheltenham Running Club trainings per week, Yoga included!
  • much more…

Complete the form to find out when it’s all starting and how you can get involved…