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Welcome to Week 9 of the 14 Week Cheltenham Running Club Programme! The conditions are feeling much better suited to running so it’s vital we make the most of them.  There are now just 5 weeks till Cheltenham’s 10k and Half Marathon so you should be all over your training.  Our Couch to 5k runners Continue reading…

Welcome to Week 9

Strong winds can make running much tougher when you’re hoping to acheive a target speed. The down wind sections feel great but if you get carried away then you can find yourself really struggling as you run back into the wind. Running downwind may feel easy in regards to your lungs but the stress placed Continue reading…

Running in strong wind

Welcome to week 8 of the 14 Week Cheltenham Running Club Programme! Summer School Holidays have started and I’m away on holiday so I’ve actually recorded this on Thursday. The weather is looking milder which should make your outdoor exercise feel easier, especially if you took on the heat last week.  Last week I reminded Continue reading…

Week 8 News, Advice and Session Details

Every Summer we have members tell us its too hot to exercise so I’ve shot this quick clip explaining how you can make it more comfortable during the session but also in every day life.If you’ve had a bad experience exercising in the heat then you need to watch this video.If you think keeping indoors Continue reading…

How to Exercise Safely in the Heat

Welcome to week 7 of the 14 week Cheltenham Running Club programme!It’s been a hot weekend and the next 7 days are due to be similar temperatures.If you’re at all worried about exercising outdoors then your most important responsibility this week is to stay hydrated.If you can keep hydrated then your natural cooling system will Continue reading…

Week 7 News, Advice and Session Details

Welcome to week 6 of our 14 week programme!This is the first week our runners meet at our new Summer venues and meeting times go back to something a lot closer to the pre-covid normal.Walkers can now meet at the same time instead of staggered 5 minutes apart. Watch the video below to see where you’ll Continue reading…

Week 6 News and Session Details

“All club runs have been great, even that first club run”


Fantastic running club. All club runs have been great, even that first one, when I arrived I realised how supportive and friendly it was. Looking forward to another year of club runs, excellent coaching and future club social events!

Pippa Dixon

“Transforming Belief and Ability”


I have gone from being not able to run to the end of my road & thinking running is not for me, to believing in myself thanks to Conor & the fabulous members of the CRC...

Sherryl Jennings - Couch to 5k Squad and Beginner Transformation Student

“Great for all ages and abilities”


This walking group is great for all ages and abilities. It’s really well organised. I have met some really friendly people and also re-connected with an old friend I had lost touch with.

Tanya Robson

“A Social Couch to 5k Programme with Loads of Guidance”


I am currently doing the couch to 5k, I love the social side of it, having others to motivate me and also getting all the Information every week about any problems I have, and what the week plan is.

Paula Aitchison

“Enjoying Running and Progressing Fast!”


Enjoying running much more than expected and really surprised how quickly I have been able to run longer distances over 5k. Looking forward to getting up to 10k.

Yasmin Dudley

I used to run in my younger years when I was in the RAF and tried again about 6 years ago with another running club but unfortunately did not enjoy it and gave up. Having had a recommendation from a previous work colleague and friend, Tina Sawle, I joined Cheltenham Running Club in January 2019.

Age is not a barrier, nor is fitness level. I am now 57 years old and having started on the Couch to 5km programme, I successfully completed the Cheltenham Parkrun in June 2019. That was it, I was hooked and I joined the Summer Training Squad to continue my journey.

I suffered a knee injury which set me back a little and I missed the Cheltenham Challenge 10km in August. However, with the support of physio, advice from Conor and other members of the Club, I was able to build up strength and get going again. I am amazed at how much I have improved from those early days when I thought I would never run 1km without stopping never mind 10km!

I have now gained confidence and recently completed my first official 10km in the Worcester City event on 15th September.

The members of the club are so friendly and supportive, I couldn’t have done it without them.

Linda Shere-Massey

“Friendly People and a Good Atmosphere”


Great club, supportive and inclusive. Very good for beginner runners. Friendly people and a good atmosphere on training sessions. Would recommend to all

Nicole Stent

“Off Road 10k Success”


I joined CRC to find a structure to my running. I wanted to improve my 10k time, the first race, after starting training, I knocked 3 minutes off the old time and the second race was 2 minutes quicker again. All comes down to coaching with Conor.

Carole Stacey

“One of the best decisions I've made after struggling with anxiety and depression”


Joining the group was one of the best decisions I've made after struggling with anxiety and depression over the last couple years.

I've been so lucky through the walking group to meet people who I now regard as some of my closest friends who I couldn't be without. It's great to get out and meet new people. It's one thing I really look forward to every week after work!

I'm no longer ashamed or embarrassed about my red face after exercise which was a major stumbling block for me when exercising with others!

Mel Higgins

“Joined Couch to 5k in Lockdown!”


I joined CRC in lockdown 3 as I set myself the challenge of completing Couch to 5k! With the support of Conor and my fellow C25K squad members, the useful Zoom calls and training videos I did it! I'm now in the Summer Squad working my way towards 10K and love the support and encouragement of running with others now we can! Everyone in the club is super supportive and the comments you get in the Facebook group really help to motivate you. Who would have thought I would be running 3 times a week and why did I leave it until my 50s to do so!!!

Louise Tarling

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