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Walkers Week has just ended and what a week it’s been! Over sixty new walkers came to try walks with us in what has been typical April showers weather…in May.  Great numbers have shown up for walks at lunchtime and evenings on Tuesday and Thursday at the Race Course and Royal Oak in Prestbury.  Then over 25 walkers Continue reading…

Most of us know that we can speed up recovery by cooling our muscles after exercise but the logistics of this process can be uncomfortable (think cold showers or baths) or simply inconvenient (like strapping cold packs to our fatigued muscles). Hydraform have created a product which make the process convenient and comfortable so I trialled Continue reading…

Each year the clocks change and we move to locations which give us better access to the off road trails around Cheltenham Race Course.Running and walking off road is great for our stability and athleticism plus it means we don’t have to wait to cross roads or dodge so many pedestrians.Tuesday lunchtime and evening sessions Continue reading…

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Mark Smith from BBC Gloucestershire Radio talks with our Head Coach about the growth in popularity in running and walking as well as the challenges faced.  Conor hints at some key strategies for overcoming such obstacles and how Cheltenham Running Club plans to continue helping walkers and runners by matching them up with buddies of similar Continue reading…


I joined the summer squad after chatting to CRC members and being inspired!

I found the training videos, Facebook group and training plan great for keeping up motivation, plus socialising on training nights, to remind myself of individual & shared goals!

I’m glad I joined the Summer squad and have enjoyed the experience.

Being in a squad means getting a training programme to work with; but for me the most important part is giving and receiving encouragement, support and advice.

Andy S

The Summer Training Squad Facebook group has been a really useful support. It’s encouraging seeing the different runs that members have posted and everyone supporting each other to congratulate after a completed run and also boost each other when the runs haven’t gone quite so well.

Conor follows up either online, by phone or in person at club runs when people have found a run difficult and he adapts individual programs when necessary.

Even though people have different individual programs due to their chosen targeted events there is still a cohesive supportive group feel. Definitely a way of keeping people motivated to improve through the support of a friendly running community.

Marie Harris

I used to run in my younger years when I was in the RAF and tried again about 6 years ago with another running club but unfortunately did not enjoy it and gave up. Having had a recommendation from a previous work colleague and friend, Tina Sawle, I joined Cheltenham Running Club in January 2019.

Age is not a barrier, nor is fitness level. I am now 57 years old and having started on the Couch to 5km programme, I successfully completed the Cheltenham Parkrun in June 2019. That was it, I was hooked and I joined the Summer Training Squad to continue my journey.

I suffered a knee injury which set me back a little and I missed the Cheltenham Challenge 10km in August. However, with the support of physio, advice from Conor and other members of the Club, I was able to build up strength and get going again. I am amazed at how much I have improved from those early days when I thought I would never run 1km without stopping never mind 10km!

I have now gained confidence and recently completed my first official 10km in the Worcester City event on 15th September.

The members of the club are so friendly and supportive, I couldn’t have done it without them.

Linda Shere-Massey

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