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Our next Beginners Intake is Starting Soon but thanks to COVID-19 it will likely be aimed at teaching you how to run alone.


You can experience a free week with us from the 24th of May!

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How to Crush 5k 

Online Presentation

Are you struggling to build up your distance of running non-stop?
In this presentation you'll learn the strategies we implement with members of our online Couch to 5k Squads.

How to Stop Your Lungs Burning

Online Presentation

Burning lungs is the number one obstacle to non-stop running but in this workshop you'll set up the app which will teach you the speed you need to be running at AND tell you the speed you're running at.

How to Run Alone Through Lock-down

Online Presentation

Whether running in lock-down or at times which suit your availability we need to become comfortable running alone.
We'll share our former couch to 5k member's top tips for running alone and enjoying it so you can #KEEPRUNNING.

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Everyone Can Run

Learning to Run can be a Soul Destroying Process...

The burning lungs, the aching legs, your head telling you to stop!

Run too fast and this experience is guaranteed...

Our beginner's running programme will teach you how to enjoy running and see constant improvements in your ability.

We'll start you out with short jog periods and walking to ensure you experience success from session one. You'll gradually spend more time jogging and less time walking.

Before you know it you'll be joining one of our non-stop groups and running your way to a happier and healthier life.

The benefits of running range from:

  •  weight loss through burned calories and increased metabolism

  • effective stress release, improvemoods and self esteem ​

  • less huffing and puffing as you walk up the stairs

  • improved posture and with good coaching can actually lead to less back pain and other ailments. 


Time to book your Free Events is Running out!.

We'll support your journey with educational videos, coaching advice, inspirational stories and a bunch of new friends who want you to succeed.


Enjoying Running and Progressing Fast!

Enjoying running much more than expected and really surprised how quickly I have been able to run longer distances over 5k. Looking forward to getting up to 10k.

Yasmin Dudley

Trepidation Be Gone

I started with some trepidation as a couch potato in Jan 2017 and by the end of March I had done my first Park Run (5km).

I continued running throughout 2017 as a stress buster and the club coach, Conor Graham, helped me with my technique and stamina.

Now at the beginning of 2018 I am working towards my first Half Marathon. Completely unbelievable and I would have given up a long time ago without Cheltenham Running Club.

Highly recommended.

Andy Sawers

I never thought I would say that running can be fun, but it really can be

I joined CRC as a wannabe runner on the Couch to 5k squad. Being part of a running community has been a massive support to me. I go out with other runners of a similar ability and we develop together, encouraging, motivating and supporting each other.

We're quite a sociable bunch!

It's made the difference between me looking for excuses to not go out for a run and actually looking forward to it. Conor (Head Coach at CRC) is good at helping to keep us all moving forward and working on injury prevention, recovery and training.

I never thought I would say that running can be fun, but it really can be, Go ahead join us.

Andy Pritchard

I ran Gloucester 10k by November, never thought that would be possible before!

I joined CRC in April 2017, and it was the best decision...Was not a runner at all previously, but with amazing community and support I ran Gloucester 10k by November, never thought that would be possible before!

Katie Crisnall

All club runs have been great, even that first club run

Fantastic running club. All club runs have been great, even that first one, when I arrived I realised how supportive and friendly it was. Looking forward to another year of club runs, excellent coaching and future club social events!

Pippa Dixon

“Time's Running Out.”