Learn To Run in cheltenham 

You Can Trial Some Light Walk/Jog Sessions In The Week When  Beginners Come First


Try us in Beginner's Week, starting 4th of October and improve your experience of running instantly!


“ANYONE CAN RUN” but some don’t realise how fun it can be until they run with others. You’ll find running easier than you expect thanks to the friendly group leaders.

Start with walk and jog intervals so you see improvements week on week.

You'll gradually spend more time jogging and less time walking and before you know it you'll be joining one of our non-stop running groups!


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Running can help you:

  • make consistent improvements in fitness
  • make new friends who have similar goals 
  • cope better with stress and improve moods
  • improve posture and full body strength
  • discover a new sense of achievement and higher self esteem
  • understand more about the sport and your personal fitness

Plus So Much More!

Follow Our Superior Couch to 5k Plan

The traditional Couch to 5k programme is seriously flawed but if our Couch to 5k Squad is right for you then you'll find yourself running 5k non-stop this April! 

Everything is available online

Your programme, coach, squad members and educational resources are all available wherever you have an internet connection. Guidance and support is just a click away!

Get Exclusive Access to Our Beginner Transformation Course.

You can benefit from a hub of online educational videos to assist your progress and help you prevent injury and get better results from every run. 

Set Goals And Take Steps To
Achieve Them.

Work as close as you like with our team to produce personal goals and then take steps to achieve them in a time frame that suits you! 

You can join our club and benefit from all this as a member of our Couch to 5k Training Squad 

We have a maximum training squad size limit in order to keep support standards high. It’s important you get in asap if you'd like to crush your first 5k.


Try before you join in Beginner's Week, hurry as it starts soon!