June 8


Beginner Running Interview in Week 7 of Couch to 5k Programme

By Conor Graham

June 8, 2018

Louise Bruce joined Cheltenham Running Club in April 2018 and enjoyed the experience so much she's agreed to do this video interview with Head Coach, Conor Graham.

Louise explains how she'd always looked at runners in the street and wondered how they were able to continue running so long without taking regular rests. 

She goes on to explain her nerves about showing up for the first runs and how her group have become so tight over the 7 weeks, to date. 

The Online Support

Louise always found it funny seeing people post info about their runs on Facebook, but now she gets it. The Couch to 5k Squad Facebook group has fuelled her motivation to get out and do the runs.

The free running app she uses allows her to either take screen shots of her run statistics and route or even post a link in the group so members can dive in to see exactly how the run went in terms of pacing etc. 

This information also helps Louise's coach to provide better advice because it's based on factual data. 

Injury Prevention Course

Louise has learned a lot from the online Injury Prevention Course which is available to all squad members. 

This course and the Cheltenham Running Club Physiotherapist, Katie Foster, have enabled Louise to continue with the programme when she may well have given up due to injury otherwise. 

Where next?

Louise is registered for the Race for Life at the Cheltenham Race Course but struggles to think much further ahead than that. A 10k event is her obvious answer but she can't see a way to get to that distance just yet. 

Conor Graham

About the author

Conor is the Head Coach and Founder of Cheltenham Running and Walking Club.

His experience as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Triathlete and Personal Trainer ensure members are educated on best practice in regards to training progression while also nurtured through the early stages of fitness development.

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