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What Others Say About This Challenge


Learn to Prevent Pains and Injuries from Derailing your Progress

“I have learnt so much. I have learnt how important nutrition and injury prevention is.

I now know it's important to run the best way for me and to not compare my journey to anyone else's. I would like to thank Conor and the members of the club for their continued support, I couldn't do this without you!!”

Emily Woods

Couch to Half Marathon in 2017


Learn what you're Truly Capable of when you Run to your Potential

“ I managed to knock 16 secs off the first run! I stepped it up slightly until the last 1/2k which was the fastest and hardest I think I have ran In 30+ years...”

Graeme Ross

Couch to 10k in 2017


Suitable for All Abilities!

“I have gone from being not able to run to the end of my road & thinking running is not for me, to believing in myself thanks to Conor & the fabulous members of the CRC... I found a new me, dug deep & pushed myself, hitting that self doubt out of my head & stubbornly ran on my own, not giving up & smashed Tuesday's time even though the last 250m was hard. 

I believed in me & learnt I am a runner, it does not matter what speed you go, I am out there doing it.”

Sherryl Jennings

Couch to 10k in 2017


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