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“ANYONE CAN RUN” but some don’t realise how fun and pain free it can be until they seek help with it. 

During Beginner’s Week we’ll show you how to pace yourself so you don’t burn out too fast or cause injury.

We’ll support you with educational videos, coaching advice, inspirational stories and a bunch of new friends who want you to succeed.

Join virtual club runs which help you prioritise your runs, gain coach guidance and club member support. 

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Our next Beginners Intake is Starting Soon. You can experience a free week with us from the 24th of May!

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Transforming Belief and Ability

I have gone from being not able to run to the end of my road & thinking running is not for me, to believing in myself thanks to Conor & the fabulous members of the CRC...

Sherryl Jennings Couch to 5k Squad and Beginner Transformation Student

One of the Best Clubs in Cheltenham

It is a very good club for those beginning to run whatever age you are. There is a very friendly atmosphere to encourage people to reach their goal. This is one of the best running clubs in Cheltenham.

Wan Harley

All club runs have been great, even that first club run

Fantastic running club. All club runs have been great, even that first one, when I arrived I realised how supportive and friendly it was. Looking forward to another year of club runs, excellent coaching and future club social events!

Pippa Dixon

Truly a Great Club to be a Part of

I started January 2017 with my son, its the best thing we did. I am very grateful to Conor and the members for all their help and support. Truly a great club to be a part of.

Tina Sawle

Back from 2 years out of Running to Crush the Cheltenham Half Marathon

I wanted to get back into running after a break of 2 years. I set myself the Cheltenham half marathon in Oct as my target. The club got me going again and they are so welcoming and inclusive. Conor gives great advice. I thoroughly recommend the club and am constantly telling friends about it.

Katrina Bailey