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2 How to Run Faster

The Beginners Workshop: Becoming a Runner

Do you struggle to make running a sustainable and motivating form of exercise? Starting to run can be hard work, with little reward. Learn why most people fail to succeed in running and how you can buck the trend.  We’ll discuss things like: how to become a runner how to eat to ensure a comfortable […]

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From Couch to 5k – The Journey of a Beginner Runner

I’m writing this post at week 11 of my first programme with Cheltenham Running Club. I’ve been in the 6kph group following the Couch to 5k programme and last night was my light-bulb moment. For what felt like the first time in my life, I experienced the true joy that running can bring. Everything felt good: my breathing; […]

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The Cheltenham Running Club Progressive Programme

Do you need to add some Structure to your Running? Our programme is aimed at progressing members from one pace group to the next every 13 weeks through a series of planned club runs. This progressive programme treats regular attendees as if they were members of a dedicated sports team, effectively guaranteeing them success in […]

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