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Cheltenham Running Club

New with Cheltenham Running Club in 2017

Watch this full video recording of what improvements we’re bringing to club members in 2017   Topics include: Introduction and Background 0:00 Progressive Programme Changes and “Runners Week” 0:48 Running Technique Programme 2:44 More Training Squads 5:38 More Social Events 8:25 Target Running Events 9:36 Training Venues 11:36 Inspiring and Educating more people 16:00 New Group Weight […]

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Prevent and Fix Back Pain

Workshop: How to Prevent and Fix Back Pain

Watch this full presentation on how to strengthen the muscles of your spine and stop pains experienced while running....

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From Couch to 5k – The Journey of a Beginner Runner

I’m writing this post at week 11 of my first programme with Cheltenham Running Club. I’ve been in the 6kph group following the Couch to 5k programme and last night was my light-bulb moment. For what felt like the first time in my life, I experienced the true joy that running can bring. Everything felt good: my breathing; […]

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