Want to Crush Your Summer of Running Events?

Join our 5-month Summer Training Squad in preparation for Cheltenham's Half and other Autumn races. 

Watch to see the guidance and support you can expect as a Cheltenham Half Marathon Squad Member.



Your programme of education, guidance and support will progress your fitness towards Cheltenham's most popular Half Marathon. 


All distances and speeds will be personalised to your situation regardless of holidays, ability and other events. Target parkrun PB's, 10k, Half Marathons or any other events in the lead up to September 30th.

While your programme will end in October it can also set you up for a great October race like the Oxford Half Marathon. 


You'll be invited to meet your running coach and discuss your goals, obstacles and programme as soon as your registration is accepted. 

Your Coach, Conor Graham, will ensure you're motivated and ready to attack your training with a clear plan for progress. 


Where suitable, your training sessions can be synchronised to other Squad members. You'll instantly have more in common with the other squad members and become inspired to progress by their posts to the group. 


Your programme, coach, squad members and educational resources are all available wherever you have an internet connection. Guidance and support is just a click away.

Couch to 5k Runners

If you're working your way through a Couch to 5k Plan then we can help ensure you're running 5k before this programme starts on the 22nd of April. 

Progressing from 5k to Half Marathon ready in 5 months is achievable but a structured programme is required to ensure your progress is sustainable. 

5-10k Runners

If you've been running 5-10k in training but yet to run a half marathon then you'll know there's a long way to go. 

Your programme will first get you up to a fast 10k in time for a July event. Building speed over this distance will mean less time pounding the pavements in Phase 2 when you build up to half distance. 

Long Distance Runners

As someone adept at keeping distances high you're likely look to beat a previous best. 

Your programme will make the most of your great base fitness by pushing your speeds and intensity. 

This will lead your body to buffer the burning and enable you to implement effective technique coaching cues.

Couch to 5k Runners

Going from Couch to Half Marathon in less than 5-months is not something we advise but if you're already running regularly as part of a structured walk jog programme or play a sport which requires you to run then there's a very good chance we can have you running for 21k non-stop by the end of September. 

Call our Head Coach, Conor, if you're yet to run 5k but deciding whether 5-months in this squad could have you ready.

Call - 07580 481 454

If you can pull it off then this could be one of the best years of your life. It'll take a lot of time and effort but you'll make friends, learn more than you ever thought there was to learn about running and feel the improvements in your health, moods and fitness. 

5-10k Runners

If you're already running 5 to 10k then you're right where you need to be for progressing towards your first Half Marathon. Our first target will be a 10k time you're really happy with. For some this will mean building distance gradually and for others it'll be about getting better speeds from your training sessions. 

Join this squad and a series of personal best 10k times is on the cards between May and July. From July we'll start increasing distances beyond 10k. You'll still have 13 weeks and only another 8-11k left to build up depending on your situation. 

I'm making this all sound easy but thousands enter half marathons only to under prepare or over-train themselves to a terrible experience. If you've ever run out of energy on a run then you know what it feels like. Imagine having to walk the last 5k of your Half because you were under-prepared or simply got your pacing wrong on the day. 

As a Cheltenham Half Marathon Squad member you'll be welcome to book race strategy consultations where we look over your previous run stats and discuss exactly how you're going to achieve a race result you're proud of. 

Long Distance Runners

If you've run half marathons before and you're you've made it this far down the page then you're obviously aware there is a better time inside you.

Our first job will be to find where the hidden potential lies when compared to previous race build ups:

  • A lack of programme could have meant you missed important run distances in peaking for your race.
  • A pacing strategy based on what you wanted, not what you'd proved was achievable in training could have lead to a lethal positive split.  
  • Maybe it was an upset stomach, knee or hip pain which prevented you running at the speeds you've been able to achieve in training.
  • If you're good over distance but getting passed in the final K then we can teach you how to become more of a sprinter when with a personalised training approach. 

There are so many things which can go wrong in training and on race day but with your own running coach, a personalised programme and other squad members cheering you on you can have a summer of personal bests. 


Step 1 - Programme Set up

Your programme will take into account each event you want to peak for and combine it with your current running ability to ensure every single session has an exact purpose. 


Step 2 - Online Education 

We'll suggest the video content you should learn from to ensure your body is durable enough to progress throughout the programme. 


Step 3 - Unlimited Support and Programme Updates

Life will get in the way at times but we'll update your programme and even go off piste when circumstances require. Holidays, work and family will make it hard to run at times but you'll know which sessions are expendable  and which can be postponed.

Your Truly Personalised Running Programme

Generic programmes fail to prescribe speeds which reflect your ability and prescribed distances neglect the multiple events you've entered.

Watch and learn how our Half Marathon Programmes are designed with speeds based on your ability and distances which peak you for multiple events.

Online Expert Runner Transformation Course

You'll be enrolled in and help us decide on content for, a brand new course made just for Runners. 

There's much more to running than putting one foot in front of the other...

There's a good chance you've got to your current running ability through trial and error, with the odd YouTube video thrown in. But what if you had a process which is purpose built for getting you to the next level...

Professional runners have more time, sponsored products, a team of coaches and physical therapists but more important than any of this, they've invested years in learning how to train properly and look after themselves in between sessions. 

You may not have all the bells and whistles but you can learn and implement the strategies which can uncap your ability IF you have a process. 

This course will provide that process of learning and help you implement the ideas which will maximise your results. 


Module 1

The first module of lectures will help you become clear of what you're training for, how to use your programme and use the exercises which will ensure your body can handle the running progressions. 

Module 2

Here you'll learn everything required to ensure you know the ideal state of preparation before each run in your programme. 

Module 3

Learn what you can do during a run to prevent problems and get the exact benefits you're supposed to. 

Module 4

Ever wonder whether the training you're doing is making a difference to your running ability? This module will make progress impossible to ignore and help ensure you can learn from every run. 

Module 5

Learn how to put together a great race calendar and ensure you're able to give each event your best efforts while enjoying the occasion. 

Bonus Module

As a runner, you've no doubt experience pains and even injuries which have stopped you from running. This module will provide full scale lectures of each of the most common areas of injury. 

It Starts With Injury Prevention

Have you ever registered for an event, ploughed into your training but found yourself injured for weeks of your plan? 

Watch to Learn How We'll Start Preventing Injury as Soon as you Register for this Squad

Learn to Prevent Injury 

Access our Video Course that will teach you how to prevent and fix common running injuries. 

Each workshop is broken into clips you can watch on any internet enabled device. Perfect to watch while doing some light stretching, riding public transport or even getting dinner prepared. If you want a great summer of running then you need to stay injury free. 

Foot and Lower Leg Pain

Duration:  36minutes 

Stop your calves from cramping, your shins from aching and those stabbing pains in your feet. 

How to Use your Glutes 

Duration: 42minuntes

Unlock the most underutilised muscles in your body to prevent injury and run faster.

How to Prevent Back Pain

Duration: 35minutes

If you've every suffered from back pain then you know it's not an obstacle you want in training.

Identify and Fix Runners Knee

Duration: 37minutes

Do your knees hurt after you run or when you walk up the stairs? This presentation can make it stop. 

How to Use your Feet for Running

Duration: 23minutes

​Go deep into the use of footwear and how to land effectively to prevent problems around your entire body. 

How to Assess Your Pains 

Duration: 32minutes 

Learn which pains are good, which you can stretch out, which need icing and which need a referral. 

Eat to Run Included!

We all know nutrition plays a big part in running performance so it makes sense to incorporate our 3 week nutrition programme, "Eat to Run".  

Watch this short clip to learn what's involved...  

Eat to Lose Weight 

Eat to Improve your energy levels

About the Coach

In 2018 the Cheltenham Half Marathon Squad got over 30 members over the line in a time they're still proud of today. Many of were running their first ever Half Marathon and others achieved personal bests thanks to the structured programme, guidance and support of our Head Coach.

Conor Graham, is a full time fitness professional living in Cheltenham with his wife, Georgina and children Tyler and Ivy. He has been coaching runners and those striving to get fit since 2001 when he started his first fitness company STS Fitness Ltd. 

This is my favourite programme to run each year. Having 5 months to gently progress each member takes the pressure down a notch and means far less stress for the runners.” 

Get a time you're proud of

Follow your programme, watch the educational lectures and we guarantee you'll achieve a time you're excited to tell your friends. If you're not happy with your race just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Finish Cheltenham's Half in a Great Time

6 Injury Prevention Lectures you can access for life

A personalised programme based on your ability, holidays and goals

Plan your ideal week and more with your own Running Coach

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  • First time Half Marathon runners
  • Those who'd like to finish faster than in previous years
  • Anyone who's failed to get to the start line due to injury
  • People who want more structure and support 


  • People who struggle to follow a plan
  • Anyone who is unable to run for more than 2 hours per week
  • Anyone who thinks they can start training a week or two from the race
  • People who will be unable to do any running through the holidays


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