Couch to 5k Squad Onboarding 

Congratulations on joining our Couch to 5k Squad! 

Bookmark this page so you can come back and find useful resources which can improve your experience with running. 

Before Attending

Covid-19 Latest

It should be obvious but needs to be said...

If you have any of the key Covid-19 symptoms please cancel any booking and get yourself tested. We have not had one case traced back to the club so far and we'd like to keep it that way. 

We are currently in National Lockdown (7 January 2021) so are not permitted to meet in groups of 3 or more. 

We're doing our best to improve the experience for those who run alone but you'll also be invited to meet up for "Buddy Runs" if that's something you're comfortable to do. 

Work your way through the sections below for full details. 

Join the Member's Facebook Group

The Cheltenham Running Club Member's Facebook group is a supportive and inspiring place to be. 

Click here to put your join request in and we'll let you in as soon as we can...

You can inspire other walkers to get out and do their daily exercise by posting about your experience within this group. 

The more you interact with the posts in this group the more inspiring member posts Facebook will put in your Newsfeed so go on, share the Loves, Likes and comments to support your fellow members. 

Join the Couch to 5k Squad Facebook Group

The Couch to 5k Squad Facebook group is where you'll find everyone who's progressing through the programme with you.  

Within this group you'll find posts linking to educational resources, inspiring posts from members and invites to runs around Cheltenham and the Cotswolds. 

Click here and request to join now...

Members will be accepted into this group a few days before the programme is due to start.  

Preparing for Runs

We want your buddy run experience to be as positive as possible and while we know you'll get on with anyone you meet, the comfortable running speed of each individual can have an impact on how well it goes. 

Please follow the steps below to ensure you're given the best chance of running and walking with people of similar speed. 

1. Download and set up the RunKeeper App

Follow along with the video below to get the app set up with correct units etc. 

Follow along with this video to set up your first walk/jog session on the App. 

Runkeeper can then alert you when it's time to walk and jog. 

The first run you should do before starting the week 1 of the Couch to 5k app is 25 minutes alternating between 1 minute jog and 2 minute walk.

Have a go at programming this now...

2. Complete your first run

  Now you've programmed your first run in it's time to go out and run but please watch this video on how to perform an effective warm up first. A good warm up can make your runs so much easier. 

Please prioritise slow jogging to ensure your lungs can deal with the demands. 

3. Submit your run details

After recording your run on RunKeeper please click here and submit your average speed so we can match you with others

Accessing The Beginner Runner Transformation Course

You've now got access to our comprehensive online course specifically made for Couch to 5k runners. 

Click here to see the first lecture...

We'll refer you to specific lectures within the course as you progress through the programme.

Each Monday morning you'll get an email referring you to a page with the week's workout and technique cues to focus on.

On Tuesdays you'll be linked to a lecture on topics such as improving mobility, optimising running technique and many more. 

You're welcome to watch any lecture any time but the lectures we link to are the most important.