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Get your business in front of active Cheltenham residents and their friends.

Your Logo Everywhere

Winter Running Squad
  • Training tops worn up to 6 times/week
  • Race/event tops featured in hundreds of medal pics per year
  • Gatherings of 40-60 members at a time, multiple times a week 
  • Website header seen multiple times per week  by members as they check routes and session details 
  • Cheltenham residents trialling and browsing the club's website
  •  Cheltenham residents unable to ignore the regular mass of members meeting locally. 

About Cheltenham Running and Walking Club


I'm  Conor

Cheltenham Running Club was started in 2013 in response to a growing demand for running groups in the area. 

Our Couch to 5k programme lead to a steady growth in numbers from 2016 and a humble, friendly culture which radiates into our faster groups. 

In December 2020 we started offering walking sessions and now have over one hundred walkers who meet six times per week. 

Regular social events bring walkers and runners together while also offering the opportunity for beginners to mix with experienced club members. 

The club is rebranding to Cheltenham Running and Walking Club to reflect the growing walker community. 

We'd like to put all 285, members into our new club kit at no cost to themselves. 

This is where your opportunity lies...

Conor Graham Running Coach

All active members wearing your business logo

Make your business a consistent feature of our member's lives. When they need your product or service there will be just one company they think of...YOU


Walking and Running Members


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Your Staff Benefits

Coming on board as a sponsor offers a potentially life changing benefit for your staff. 

They'll be welcome to come on board as an Annual member with a 90% discount on the membership. 

This tiny fee of just £9.70/year will cover administration costs.  

Build Staff Relationships

Your staff members will benefit from the time together in non-work environments. 

Boost Productivity

Physical activity improves our capacity to problem solve and concentrate at work. 

All Abilities Catered For

12 groups from "Steady Walkers" to "Sub 20minute park runners" ensure all levels have a group. 

Improve Mental Health

New friendships, routines and goals provide purpose and as a result better day to day moods. 

Expressions of Interest Close Soon

We need the club kit ready for distribution in January so need contact  before the 19th of November.

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