Level Up Your Life in 2022

You can build an immune system capable of keeping your safe in a world of Covid while also improving mental and physical health.  

Reduce Stress

Improve Fitness

Keep Hydrated

Improve Health

New Year World, New You?

Covid 19 isn't going away any time soon but you now have a better reason than ever to level up your health and fitness.

You can improve your immune system, build confidence to get out of the house and be the person you always wanted with exercise and lifestyle changes which build mental strength. 

The Key Strategies of Levelling up

A large portion of the decisions we make are influenced by our physical state. Optimise your physical health and your brain will benefit. 

A fitness plan you love

You'll love your new found fitness when you see it improving. Whatever your regime, we can make it work.  

Hydration system which works

"Dilute the disease". Your immune system relies on water as does your brain. Clarity to make positive decisions will return within days. 

new friendships

Harness the positivity which comes from a friendship group which is on your wavelength. Together you'll strive to achieve a common goal of optimal health. 

Nutrients which protect

Our immunity starts in our gut. The foods you eat dictate your immune system's ability to fight Covid, weight gain and every other illness under the sun. 

Energy levels to decide 

Imagine feeling energised for the entire day! The right decisions come easier when you have the energy to act on them.  

positive stress strategies

Whether it's changing the people around you, changing your perceptions or executing better coping strategies, we'll ensure your stresses remain positive. 

The Level Up Life Programme

Health and Fitness Coaching maximises your resolve to live the life you're proud of. 

We'll plan out your levelled up life with one to one sessions and keep constant contact to ensure you stay the course. 

You'll become motivated through friendships, the way you feel inside and results you see in numbers. 

With your biology looked after you won't need to worry about Covid, weight gain, illness or whether you're making the most of your one life

Conor Graham

Coaching individuals to personal health success since 2001, Conor has spent his adult life getting the best out of the people he works with. 

STS Fitness Ltd, Head Coach

Our Clients

10k Success

I knocked 3 minutes off the old time and the second race was 2 minutes quicker again. All comes down to coaching with Conor.

Carole Stacey - 10k Runner

Couch to 5k Success

With the support of Conor and my fellow C25K squad members, the useful Zoom calls and training videos I did it!

Louise Tarling - Couch to 5k Graduate

Walking Success

All you need to get you back on the road to fitness and happiness.

Karen Orwin - Walker

The Level Up Process 



A 1-2-1 onboarding session get's to the root cause of your situation. 

  • Find your risks and challenges 
  • Find your passions and drive
  • Set your realistic but scary targets 


The Plan

Everything is available online and personalised to you. 

  • Daily Routines
  • Habits to live by
  • A programme to achieve


Regularly Revised

Life changes but updates to your plan are instantly available.

  • Regular Coach contact
  • Optimisation of training plans 
  • Consistent progress

Get started now!

Plan and achieve the healthy you in 2022

What Makes This Different

This is a fully integrated programme aimed at levelling up all areas of your health and wellbeing. 

Fitness is important but without the right fuel, sleep, hydration and mindset most people fail to feel the changes they want and simply give up. 

Top priority is improved immune function so the chances of catching a bug and falling off the wagon will be slim. 

Immune system

Illness is now the biggest threat to your progress in health and wellbeing.

We'll put the strategies in place from your first meeting and utilise a range of tools which can keep you on track. 

Physical system

Injury is your second biggest threat so we'll prioritise a short routine which can instantly minimise this risk. 

Your cardiovascular fitness and strength will build carefully but within a month you'll find yourself in better physical shape than you have in years. 

 Mental health

Just getting your initial concerns off your chest will help to a certain extent but when you discover the mental toughness which lies within you'll realise your potential is limitless. 

Stress is natural but your new mindset will create the resilience to endure and overcome anything. 

Our Pricing Plan

Level up Life benefits are optional upgrades to Squad memberships so you'll join a focused group of individuals all striving to take a big step up in 2022. 




Simple, fast and effective  




Includes weekly Coach Call




Includes weekly fitness sessions and visits 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days


If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plan, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Our Clients

Encouragement to Achieve

You are encouraged to achieve your goals and beyond with maximum support.

Carol Burrows

Loads of Guidance

I love the social side of it, having others to motivate me and also getting all the information and what the week plan is.

Paula Aitchison

Vital Support

Joining the group was one of the best decisions I've made after struggling with anxiety and depression.

Mel Higgins

Frequently asked questions

How is this different to the Premium or Squad Memberships?

Upgrading your existing membership will allow us to optimise the range of other areas discussed above. Nutrition for exercise and immune function is a huge area for potential improvement beyond what is covered in existing memberships. 

What if I work silly hours?

There is no cookie cutter approach to the changes we'll suggest. After mapping out the different schedules we'll be able to find a way of giving your body the nutrients, exercise and sleep it needs to fire on all cylinders. 

Will this work for me?

If you embrace the process then it will be impossible to ignore the benefits and these benefits with fuel your motivation to consistently crush every day so success is inevitable.  

What if I'm not on Facebook?

That's no problem at all. Most of the coaching will come via 1-2-1 chat, calls and other websites which are not owned by Meta (Facebook). 

Explore your personal strategy for leveling up...