April 20


Orientation Week with Cheltenham Running Club

By Conor Graham

April 20, 2015

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Every 14 weeks CRC opens the doors to it’s club-rooms and unveils the latest ways we can improve your Running experience and ability.

It’s a great opportunity for those worried about being fit enough to join a Running Club in Cheltenham. There are always a wide range of abilities at our club runs but O-Week is pitched at the lowest we can go and priority is always placed on sticking together and ensuring that the least experienced runner is always looked after.

Monday Welcome Presentation

This one hour presentation will outline all the ways Cheltenham Running Club can help you improve your running experience and ability. We’ll also be presenting a few prizes to existing members.

Tuesday Night Technique and Intervals

The Tuesday event includes a light warm up run followed by dynamic stretching and some basic technique drills, all demonstrated by the head coach. This process generally takes around 25 minutes leaving us around 20 minutes for some light running intervals on the Honeybourne Line.

All attendees are encouraged to be conservative in their first Intervals session. The great things is that the only people who know how far you run on each of the 30-60 second run out are those behind you so there’s no pressure to keep up with anyone else. After running for the prescribed time you then have around twice as long to get back to the start mark.

Wednesday Night in the Gym

This is a chance for you to get to know our club rooms, Fitness First in the Brewery Complex. You’ll get a swipe card for lockers, 2 hours free parking at he NCP building and full access to all facilities and fitness classes.

Thursday Night Light Run

The Tempo Run has up to 8 groups ranging from just 7kph/4:24min per mile through to 14kph/8:45 per mile. The 30min route takes runners the The Brewery Complex out towards Pitville Park for warm up. Then heads out towards the Honeybourne Line for an out an back route which allows runners to enjoy a flat and scenic run with minimal traffic or roads to cross.

 Friday Night Out

We book a function room in the Heart of Cheltenham for a chance to meet new and existing members in a slightly different environment. This is a great opportunity to get to know those you may not have run with and talk running, business, how you know so and so.

Saturday Morning Park Run

What better way to shake off a late night than a 9am run around Pitville Park. This is a great opportunity to Running on Cleeve Hillexperience a casual running race if you’re new to running and show off your ability if you’re an experienced runner.

Sunday Morning Run on the Hill

We have some amazing views to look over while running but getting to them is hard work without a car. The run will start up at the Cleeve Golf Course but instead of running or meeting up there we’ll meet at Fitness First and only take enough cars to ensure everyone get’s a lift.

Running along the ridge line while looking out over Bishops Cleeve and the Race Course is simply stunning!

All of our club runs have experienced runners who can help you keep pace and on the right course.

Whether you want to try running with others your pace or get to know your fellow members better, O-Week is the prefect opportunity!

Conor Graham

About the author

Conor is the Head Coach and Founder of Cheltenham Running and Walking Club.

His experience as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Triathlete and Personal Trainer ensure members are educated on best practice in regards to training progression while also nurtured through the early stages of fitness development.

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