Couch to 5k in Cheltenham

Premium Membership

For those who want it all...

Unlimited Squ‚Äčad Memberships

Motivation, support and guidance through the Squad members who want you to succeed. 

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    online education
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    personalised programme
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    unwaivering support
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    direct line to coach

Personalised Programmes

Progress through your personalised programme when and where you want.

Find all the session details you need on your mobile and carry them out for the ideal workouts. 

Your session plans are based on your goals and ability so each completed session is a step towards better performance and fitness.

Your programme can be updated any time depending on the various changes in your circumstance.

Multiple routines prevent boredom and ensure you can fit them into the smallest gaps in your day. 

Strength & Conditioning Programme

Gain access to Cheltenham's top facility for a fun workout, targeted training, proactive recovery or simply chill out. 

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    Learn correct technique for the most important exercises for your situation. 
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    Check up on your technique and get your programme optimised with personal consultations. 
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    Use your programme in Cheltenham's best facility, your home or any gym in the world. 
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    Discuss your changing needs to ensure your programme evolves at the same rate you do.

Weekly Yoga Classes

Lengthen, Strengthen and Stabilise your Body to Start your Week Right

Online Injury Prevention Course

Learn to identify, fix and prevent the most common running injuries for uninterrupted progress in your running

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     How to Use your Feet for Running
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    Prevent and Fix Foot and Ankle Pains
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    How to Identify and Fix Runner's Knee
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    How to use your Glutes to Run Faster and Avoid Injury
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    How to Prevent and Treat Back Pain
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    How to Assess your Running Pains to Prevent Injury

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