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 Runners week is perfect for anyone looking to improve their training while running with friends and staying safe. 

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We may contact you to answer questions and explain how we can help should you be unable to attend. 

Why Try Cheltenham Running Club

Running alone is great but it's easy to get stuck in a rut of running the same routes at the same speed.

Having a club of people to run with can:

  • keep you progressing thanks to our programme which has you increasing speed over a 10 week plan
  • motivate you to be there for your new friends who rely on you to keep them going when the runs get tough
  • keep you safe when the sun goes down early  

Keep in mind that you'll also have a coach to run the sessions and a range of group abilities to ensure there's always someone to run with. 

In Runners Week You Can Try it All

We have a great range of membership options available but come and try some training sessions before you chose the best for you.


Yoga for Runners

6:30pm Monday at DW Fitness in the Brewery Quarter


Speed Interval Training

6:30pm Tuesday at DW Fitness in the Brewery Quarter


Tempo Run

6:30pm Thursday at DW Fitness in the Brewery Quarter


Long Run 

9am Sunday at DW Fitness in the Brewery Quarter

Free Parking

Park in the NCP Multi-story car park on St Margarets St and validate your ticket free for 2 hours at the gym's reception. 

What our members are saying:


Truly a Great Club to be a Part of

I started January 2017 with my son, its the best thing we did. I am very grateful to Conor and the members for all their help and support. Truly a great club to be a part of.

Tina Sawle

Trepidation Be Gone

I started with some trepidation as a couch potato in Jan 2017 and by the end of March I had done my first Park Run (5km).

I continued running throughout 2017 as a stress buster and the club coach, Conor Graham, helped me with my technique and stamina.

Now at the beginning of 2018 I am working towards my first Half Marathon. Completely unbelievable and I would have given up a long time ago without Cheltenham Running Club.

Highly recommended.

Andy Sawers

Back from 2 years out of Running to Crush the Cheltenham Half Marathon

I wanted to get back into running after a break of 2 years. I set myself the Cheltenham half marathon in Oct as my target. The club got me going again and they are so welcoming and inclusive. Conor gives great advice. I thoroughly recommend the club and am constantly telling friends about it.

Katrina Bailey

One of the Best Clubs in Cheltenham

It is a very good club for those beginning to run whatever age you are. There is a very friendly atmosphere to encourage people to reach their goal. This is one of the best running clubs in Cheltenham.

Wan Harley

Conor Graham  //  Head Coach

I started Cheltenham Running Club to help more people enjoy the overall experience of running. As a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach I love the role of educating, motivating and progressing our member's running ability. 

If you're stuck in a rut or feeling alone in your running then you have to try us out!

Conor Graham

Club Highlights

Three Runs a Week

Each run has a certain focus from speed, to distance and tempo. 

Social and Running Events

We're a very social club with meals and races organised by enthusiastic members


We see education as a key strategy for improving running times . 

Yoga and Strength 

Prevent injury and improve performance with these great classes run by qualified instructors. 

Our Next Runner Intake is Starting Soon

Complete the form to try us free of charge.

We may contact you to answer questions and explain how we can help should you be unable to attend. 

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