Improve Your Running Technique

Prevent injury, increase speed and improve efficiency as a Technique First participant

Why Technique First?

We know how important it is to improve our running technique but working on it alone is rarely a focus for amateur runners. 

We'd like to provide a large scale Summer technique programme with runners confident delivering small group sessions for those participating.  

In order to make this happen we'd like to teach you to become a confident and competent running technique instructor.

This will mean huge benefits for your running as teaching others consolidates and strengthens your ability to execute great running form.

When and Where

The in person sessions will take place on Wednesdays from 7-8pm at the Playing Field on Prestbury Road.

These will start from Wednesday the 9th of March and run for 6 sessions, over 7 weeks (includes a break from 18th-25th April). 

Your guidance and education in running technique will start from Monday the 7th of March and continue through till the end of August. 

The plan is then to run an 8 week Technique programme from late June through till late August during which you'll continue to improve and consolidate your learning from the Spring programme. 

Online Learning

There will also be a significant opportunity to learn online via video analysis and a supplementary online course.

Costs and Benefits

While going on to teach others good running form is something we hope will happen, it is not a requirement for joining the Spring Programme. 

Those who do agree to help to deliver the Summer programme will be remunerated for their time and efforts so this initial programme is effectively a gateway to that remuneration and teaching experience. 

£97 will cover your inclusion in the Spring and Summer programme regardless of whether your Summer participation is as a leader or learner. 

A £10 deposit is all that's required in March. The remaining can then be paid in 1-3 instalments over the coming weeks. 

This fee includes:

  • In person participation in at least 6 Spring Technique Coaching sessions run by Conor
  • In person participation in at least 6 Summer Technique Coaching sessions lead by Conor with assistance from other Technique First Instructors. 
  • Running assessments with feedback so you can focus on the cues while running alone 
  • Lifetime enrolment in the Technique First online resource which will develop through to the Spring and Summer.  
  • The opportunity to deliver simple session plans to small groups of members in Summer
  • Remuneration for your time delivering sessions in the Summer Technique First Programme
  • Inclusion in a Technique First WhatsApp group where communications will happen in regards to planning but also group learning from technique participant assessments

Click the button below and complete the form if you'd like to join our Spring Running Technique Programme