Squad Member Onboarding 

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Covid-19 Latest

It should be obvious but needs to be said...

If you have any of the key Covid-19 symptoms please cancel any booking and get yourself tested. We have not had one case traced back to the club so far and we'd like to keep it that way. 

Join the Member's Facebook Group

The Cheltenham Running Club Member's Facebook group is a supportive and inspiring place to be. 

Click here to put your join request in and we'll let you in as soon as we can...

You can inspire other runners to get out and do their daily exercise by posting about your experience within this group. 

The more you interact with the posts in this group the more inspiring member posts Facebook will put in your Newsfeed so go on, share the Loves, Likes and comments to support your fellow members. 

Join the Winter Squad Facebook Group

Squad Facebook groups are where you'll find the club's most motivated members.  

Within this group you'll find posts linking to educational resources, inspiring posts from members and invites to runs around Cheltenham. 

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Preparing for Runs

1. Find the Weekly Session Details and Routes

We update the following page on our site every week so members know what to expect when they attend a club run. 

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2. Booking Yourself on for Club Runs

We use the Signup.com app so members can not only book themselves on but see who of their friends will be there too. 

Click here to book club runs...

You're also welcome to attend walks which you can book here...

It's worth saving these links to your phone's home screen so you can access them quickly.

Accessing The Expert Runner Transformation Course

You'll soon have access to our comprehensive online course specifically made for runners. 

This course contains a range of videos you can use to prevent injury, make the most of your programme and transform your understanding of how to improve your running. 

I will refer you to certain lectures from the Facebook group and email but you're welcome to watch any lecture whenever suits. 

Click here to access the course now and log in using your email address as the username and password...

Once you're in the course, I'd suggest bookmarking it so you can access quickly. 

Accessing and Using Your Running Programme

In the final days before your 16 week programme is due to start you'll receive an email with log in details to access your programme on the fitness application, GymCalc.

Once logged in follow along with the video below for an explanation of how to use your programme on a PC. 

Watch this video to get your programme set up on your mobile device

Follow this video to set a shortcut from your home screen to GymCalc

Watch this video if you'd like to print out your programme.