Strength for Runners in Cheltenham

Are you struggling to succeed in Running due to injury or under performance?

Running takes a huge toll on a body which does not perform regular strength and stability training but this type of training rarely comes naturally to runners. 

Our Strength for Runners Trainings will teach you to perform key exercises with correct form and progress your ability to perform them through our 12-week Programme.

The Programme will start with exercises proven to improve your injury prevention to ensure it can deal with the more explosive, performance based exercises.  The durations will get longer so you're building on previous trainings and just when it's getting really tough we'll change the exercises which lead to faster legs and a more powerful stride.

Strength Training for Runners in Cheltenham

Trainings are supported by Club Physiotherapist, Katie FosterKate-Foster

Having a Physiotherapist at the training means you can tell her if something is niggling and get an on the spot diagnosis! She'll then swap any exercises which aggravate the injury, or fix your technique, so you can not only continue the training but get and even more specialised workout. 

If you have an injury which you think could impact your ability to follow this programme then booking in for an assessment with Katie could have you back sooner than you think. 

Katie will not only treat your pain but teach you how to treat it yourself. She can also tell you exactly which type of exercises to substitute when they come up in our trainings.

Call Katie on 07938592464

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