Great to hear you're Interested!

Here's a brief idea of what'll happen after you register for our fundraiser competition, Team of Teams Football World Cup 2018...

1. Choose your Teams

Imagine having 8 teams to support at the World Cup!

Each team will earn you points, moving you up the leader board. 

2. Set the Challenge

You'll challenge your friend, team-mates and family then find them for a bit of banter in the closed Facebook Group. 

3. Recruit More Teams

At the end of the group stage and each playoff round, you'll add one more team to your group.

4. Win the Competition? 

If your team of teams accrue the most points then you'll win the entire competition and we'll send some handy gift vouchers your way.

So How Do I Enter? 

Simply click the Donate button below and on processing your donation we'll direct you straight to the page for choosing your Team of Teams.