January 30


The Cheltenham Running Club Progressive Programme

By Conor Graham

January 30, 2015

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Need to Add Some Structure to Your Running?

Our programme is aimed at progressing members from one pace group to the next every 10 weeks through a series of planned club runs.

This progressive programme treats regular attendees as if they were members of a dedicated sports team, effectively guaranteeing them success in their ambitions for more speed and endurance.

For those who cannot commit to regular attendance there is still the opportunity to choose from 9 pace groups (as of this date) ranging from 6-13kph. Having this choice effectively allows members to drop down a group if they’ve been unable to run for a while and for non-members to drop in on a run without having to have been there from week 1.

Watch this brief intro to the Programme

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The 10-Week (was 12 week) Progressive Programme is made up of:

  • running technique drills teaching members how to hold and co-ordinate their movements while running
  • interval training allowing members to practice learned techniques at speed and under some fatigue
  • even paced runs which expose members to incrementally faster or longer runs so they can adapt and return a fitter runner.

Tuesday Night Club Runs

Technique and Interval Training is the focus of our Tuesday club runs. We take a relaxed jog out to a nearby park or quiet footpath and carry out our dynamic mobility routine.

Through the lighter months we then perform a series of technique drills and activities which improve the strength and habit of running more efficiently. This then followed by an interval training set where you can apply the techniques under fatigue.

Wednesday Night Strength for Runners Training

It’s now common knowledge that Strength training can improve your speed and reduce the risk of injuries. The challenge is getting the right guidance to make this happen for you. Our Strength for Runners programme progresses in time with the running programme. This ensures that your body gets to recover properly on the recovery weeks and that it is properly prepared for the more challenging build weeks.

We have plenty of difficulty progressions for the exercises to ensure that all shapes and condition levels are catered for.

Thursday Night Club Runs

Couch to 5k andeven pace/Tempo running is the focus of Thursday nights’ club runs. In the first 10-week block of Thursday club runs we increase the duration of each groups’ run in order to make individuals more comfortable running at their pace groups’ Base Speed (eg. 10kph for the 10kph group, 12kph for the 12kph group). Half way through this 12 week block the duration will drop, allowing members to jump up in speed then progress in time at a new Base Speed.

By the end of the 10 weeks all regularly attending members find themselves prepared to run further at a faster base speed and move into a faster group for the next 10 Week programme.

Sunday Couch to 5k and Long Runs

This is another opportunity for Couch to 5k members to run the week’s walk jog session plan in a different route. Even paced runners progress towards 10k or Half Marathon Distances with runs which increase and decrease in distance to stimulate optimal gains in endurance.

Monday Night Yoga for Runners

This class encourages muscle recovery by returning flexibility which can be depleted through running. Stability and controlled strength progressions are also incorporated to prevent muscle fatigue and cramping.

Running Recovery Sessions

We strongly encourage all runners dedicate time to keeping their muscles long, strong and stable. Many of our members and often a coach can be found treating muscles with proven recovery techniques back at the club-house (DW Fitness, Cheltenham) after a club run. All members are welcome to grab a roller and join in for a catch up while showing their fatigued muscles some care.

The CRC Progressive Programme on Smart Phone

Members of our Premium Membership can access this very programme, plus Long Run and Injury Prevention workouts right from their smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. If they need to miss a club run they can quickly follow the club run session plan from their programme and get unlimited support from the CRC Head Coach.

Conor Graham

About the author

Conor is the Head Coach and Founder of Cheltenham Running and Walking Club.

His experience as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Triathlete and Personal Trainer ensure members are educated on best practice in regards to training progression while also nurtured through the early stages of fitness development.

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