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Lockdown restriction mean we can no longer meet in groups of three or more but there's still a lot we can do.

Watch the video below to learn what we will be helping members achieve and how we'll go about it. 

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Before Attending

Book a Coach Call

Hi I'm Conor, head Coach of Cheltenham Running Club. 

We started this process booking everyone over a 1-2-1 Coach Call but Christmas and the sheer volume of inquiries mean we've decided to let you book yourself into some sessions with a link found below. 

The Coach Calls aren't just about booking in. I want to have a chat with everyone who attends a walk because I'm not going to be able to talk much at the walks themselves. My role at the walks will mostly be limited to directing walkers to their group leaders so they can get out for their walk. 

I hope you can get yourself booked in for some walks but also that you'll take the time to book a Coach Call with me. It doesn't need to be before you attend a walk but the sooner we talk the better I'll be able to help. 

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It should be obvious but needs to be said...

If you have any of the key Covid-19 symptoms please cancel any booking and get yourself a test. 

We have not had one case traced back to the club so far and we'd like to keep it that way. 

Social distancing measures and guidelines are provided in later sections on this page. 

When and Where

We'll be matching up walkers to help them arrange buddy walks when are where they'd like. 

We'll also be providing routes which you may like to try out alone or with a buddy. 

Booking Your Walks

There's no longer a need to book walks since we cannot host them at set times and venues. 

We have two categories for walking groups: Social and Brisk

If you let us know you'd like to walk socially then we'll add you to a WhatsApp group with others who want to walk slower (4-5kph).

If you track your walks and let us know what speed you walk at this will help us make even better buddy suggestions.

Tracking your walks

We encourage all walkers and runners to track their speeds and distances with a GPS watch or phone app. 

We do this so people can learn about their ability, notice improvements and make informed decisions about future walks. 

Watch the video for guidance on setting up the free App RunKeeper. 

Staying Safe on Your Walks

We will be crossing roads and at times you could find yourself having to move on to the road to maintain some distance from pedestrians and other walkers. 

Please check your blind spot before stepping on to the road and do not be a sheep when crossing. The club, nor any group leader can be held responsible for any accidents. 

We advice bright clothing, especially if walking at night. Reflective clothing or accessories are very cheap but could help keep you safe. 

Your First Walk and Beyond

Reading the Maps

Route maps will be posted in the member's Facebook group and while it's not vital for you to know where you're going we encourage you to start learning how to follow them. 

Please watch the following clip to help your understanding of the areas we'll be walking and how to read the maps. 

Warming up for a walk

Warming up for a walk may not seem as necessary as it is for a run but there are good reasons to start each walk with a short warm up.

Walking can make our muscles tight and unless we're doing something to reduce that tightness we can find the tightness leads to pain.

Most common pains for walkers will be around the lower legs and feet. Prevention and treatment of these pains will be improved with a short walk followed by some light dynamic stretches. 

Warming up at the meeting venue can also mean any late comers can find their group before they leave plus it saves those who arrived on time from waiting around in the cold. 

Watch this video made for our Beginner Runners fore a more in depth explanation of how to warm up effectively. 

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